Who’s Gabbing and Who’s Gushing


Posted on March 20, 2018 by Katie Wright, Sister #5600

People all over are waiting for spring, but this country lady enjoys time to complete some projects inside before being outside during the spring and summer. However, I would like to see more sunshine even if I am inside. These gloomy days remind me of when I lived in Indiana some years ago. My friend and husband had moved that direction with our family as we needed work and that is where the engineering jobs took us. She loved the gloomy days as she said they reminded her of Yugaslavia, where they were from. After living in Colorado, it was just too gloomy as Colorado is such a sunny state.
However Missouri changes a lot from day to day so I know that spring in on the way and so is the sunshine. I told my three little four-legged sons today that soon it would be warm and sunny and they would want to be outside all the time. They just wagged. They like to have me talk with them, no matter what I say unless it is "eat, walk, see, look, who is here, bedtime or bathtime" ... Read more →

Spring Wildcrafting

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Catherine Love, Sister #1801

Happy Herbal Spring!

The dandelions are popping up all over in my area. Spring is the perfect season for wildcrafting.
If you are new to gathering herbs from the wild or would like to brush up on your botany skills,
The Herbal Academy has a new Botany and Wildcrafting Course beginning next month! If you are interested in the this great offering, be sure to sign up to be notified when registration opens ... Read more →

Tuesday Tunes Billy Joel

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Rebecca White, Sister #6430

The River of Dreams In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To a river so deep I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide ... Read more →

Home School in the Woods - La Carte Options {Review}

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Sabrina Scheerer, Sister #3275

My family has reviewed several Home School in the Woods products over the last year. They offer hands-on history unit studies for a variety of ages and in a variety of formats. We really enjoyed the Project Passport: The Middle Ages and Make-A-State Activity that we used last year. Recently, they began offering many of the projects in their unit studies as La Carte products and offered us a chance to pick three to try ... Read more →

Hot Apple Cider Mix

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Pamela Bergmann, Sister #4013

Hot Apple Cider Mix Recipe ... Read more →

Mondays musings Rain!

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Rebecca White, Sister #6430

It has been raining since 5:45 am this morning, and in the first 30 minutes we got over 1 inch of rain. I have no idea what it is now, as it is pouring with thunder and lighting right now. We also had a tornado this morning.

The garden is growing great, We just added 6 more tomato plants. I really want to put up some tomato paste this year. I also got 3 peppers in Two are sweet and are heirloom peppers. So I am waiting to see what they produce ... Read more →

And the winner is ... !

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Carole Prevost-Meier, Sister #3610

I don't know about where you life, but here in the way Northeast NY I can see Canada from my house, it has been bone chilly! We went from spring is just around the corner weather to ... Brrrr! What a shock it was! Mother nature is such a tease! Anyway, I've been concentrating more on keeping warm than anything else! ... Read more →