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Make it Easy - Candlemaking

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Aidan Murphy, Sister #7664

Beginner Level

  • Research the different types of wax used in making candles. Are certain waxes better than others, depending on the type of candle being made?
There are many different waxes used to make a candle. My research shows these different kinds:

Paraffin – has no additives, most commonly used and can be used for many different types of candles.

Soy – 100% natural and is mostly used for container jar candles

Palm – allows for creation of candles with unique textures. Used mostly for pillars, votives and tarts

Beeswax – 100% natural and can be used for any type of candle

Granulated wax – used for crafting, made from paraffin

Gel wax – made from mineral oil and polymer resin, not actually wax, but can be used for candles ... Read more →

#FitReaders Check-In

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Rachelle Johnson, Sister #7640