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My Flea Market Garden

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Jennifer Prior, Sister #5297

A magazine called Flea Market Gardens inspired me to decorate my yard this summer. My backyard has lots of pine trees with patches of shade and sunlight, making it hard have everything lush and green. Combine that with living in Northern Arizona, where we get very little rain, but have harsh winter and spring conditions. We have a short amount of time for things to grow in summer, so I decided to grow what I could and decorate the rest. The concept of a flea market garden is to use old stuff to add interest to the garden. Most of the things I used were not from a flea market, but I either used stuff I already had, or bought things cheap. This is a galvanized steal tub (my mom gave it to me) that I hung on a stand with a hummingbird feeder and a solar light. At the base of the tree is a piece of metal art that I've had for a long time ... Read more →

Changing Season and a Challenge

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Debra Davis, Sister #166

Some of my favorite outings this season have been to the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness. This area is a northern neighbor of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness where I usually work. It’s always fun to go join another trail crew and see some new country. Our colleagues on the Wenatchee River Ranger District put us on horseback and led us up steep glaciated valleys through big timber. The trails inevitably climb up into meadows and reach for the sublime subalpine right on the Cascade crest. That’s where we unload the tools from the mules and proceed with the mission.

It’s early fall in the mountains. The shorter days trigger color changes in plants. As green chlorophyll drains away, reds, yellows, and purples light up. Rains have brought out the mushrooms, and they too are all colors except green. Many shapes as well, from the classic cap and stem of storybook toadstools to coral-like clumps emerging from the layer of brown needles on the forest floor. There is still plenty of green since conifers keep their chlorophyll year-round. They are capable of eating light even in deepest winter thanks to energy reserves in their roots. Green grasses tinged with gold tempt the mules to snatch a bite as they pass by.

This last trip to the Henry M was free of the dramatic weather that made our last trip so memorable ... Read more →

The Elvis Church~~~~~~~~~~~InSPIREd Sunday

Posted on September 21, 2014 by MaryBeth Schwartz, Sister #46

We visited ApacheLand in the Superstition Mts when we were in Arizona in March.
The Elvis Church! ... Read more →

Day -351 - Race Day Cometh

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Shelley Krehbiel-Klein, Sister #5152

I'm stealing this format from a blogger I read today made me laugh as I have sat through swim meets, soccer matches, theater performances – in various capacities. All of these with my kids, now in my new life, it's with our race family.

What goes through your mind on Race Day ... The Promoter ... Read more →

One Week of Pork: Carving a Whole Pig into the Primal Cuts

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Sarah Houlihan, Sister #3828

We had ordered a whole pig to roast, but didn’t get to roast it. Now we have a whole pig that we needed to butcher and process ourselves, so I get to learn how to butcher. This is a skill we will eventually need to know anyways because I want to raise pigs. So, I spent some time watching videos and shopping for tools and then was pretty much forced to dive right in. We didn’t want the pig to go bad sitting around waiting to be processed, so no wasting time. Since there are so many different things that will need to be done with the pig, I decided to make it a whole weeks worth of posts. The first will be getting the primal cuts from the pig. Then the smaller cuts, making uncured not smoked bacon, canning pork, sausage making, wet cured ham, and maybe a stew (in no particular order). This is my first experience with butchering anything so I may be using incorrect terminology or doing things far from perfect, so if there are any pros out there please forgive me and feel free to offer constructive criticism ... Read more →

A Week in Farm Photos - September 14th - 20th

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Lisa Steele, Sister #4039

What a wonderful week! The weather was perfect: cool and sunny - so I was able to get the garden prepped for my fall crops of broccoli, kale, chard, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach - basically a duck's dream garden! Enjoy these photos of our week! ... Read more →